Sobha Crystal Meadows Model Row Villa

A meticulously designed and outfitted model row villa features a project development. It shows a unit that offers a live representation of the design, functionality, and way of the development aims to offer. A model row villa could be useful for prospective buyers to help them visualise their future home and make educated investment decisions.

Due to their excellent structural advantage and efficient use of available space, row villas are the most sought-after housing style in metropolitan areas. They also present a beautiful image of the land. These villas are highly sought after because of the high population density in urban areas. Sharing the walls allows us to have a rigorous design with privacy while saving substantial room.

Sobha Crystal Meadows Quick Facts
Type of Project Apartment
Project Stage Pre Launch
Location Sarjapur ,Bangalore
Builder Sobha Limited
Floor Plans 4 BHK
Price Range 7.5 Cr* Onwards
Total Area 30 Acres
Total Units 290 Row Villa and Ground Plus 3 floor
Size Range 3850 Sq.Ft - 4435 Sq.Ft
Towers and Blocks 3 Floors
Approvals RERA
Launch Date Onrequest
Possession Date Onrequest

Specific features of Model Row Villa at Sobha Crystal Meadows :

  • Shared Walls : All row villas in Sobha Crystal Meadows will be connected by common walls, providing architectural and spatial benefits. Due to the higher cost of standalone structures, these are excellent choices for metropolitan areas.
  • Small Footprint : Row villas' small footprints set them apart from single-family residences. Because of their small size and capacity for several units, they are ideal for urban environments with limited space.
  • Front Facades : Row villas often have outstanding front facades since they are uniform, giving the entire row a cohesive look. Different elements like doors, windows, and decorative accents might give each unit a more distinctive look.
  • Entryways : Every row villa has its entrance, which contributes to the feeling of individuality in each residence. The entrances could be steps leading to the main door or ground-level entrances.

Model Row Villas at Sobha Crystal Meadows are superior to apartments and standalone buildings.

  • Fine Architecture
  • Spacious Living Space
  • Good Privacy
  • Best comfort
  • Lavish lifestyle
  • Secured properties.

An important component of the project's marketing plan is the model row villas, which is situated in Sobha Crystal Meadows on Sarjapur Road in East Bangalore. It gives potential purchasers a realistic taste of the kind of life they can lead. It makes the impersonal idea of row villas tangible and approachable, assisting prospective homeowners in making safe and well-informed financial decisions.

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