Sobha Crystal Meadows Floor Plan

4 BHK Floor Plan 4 BHK Floor Plan

Sobha Crystal Meadows floor Plan is an illustration or graphic representation of a home's interior. Along with the house's placement of main furnishings, doors, stairs, and windows, it also depicts the location of the built area walls. It also displays the dimensions, names, and sizes of the rooms separated by walls.

Floor plans make it easy to work through any obstacles, renovate, and decide whether the space is appropriate for its intended use before going on to more extensive planning or constructing stages.

Sobha Crystal Meadows, a row villa project by Sobha Limited, has 290 villas, each consisting of Ground + 3 stories of 4 BHK Triplex lavish houses, offering maximum space for living with all the modern facilities and providing the best living experience for residents with the modern, well-built, futuristic community in the locality.

Various types of Sobha Crystal Meadows Floor Plan :

Various types of Sobha Crystal Meadows Floor Plan

  • Sobha Crystal Meadows 4 BHK Triplex Villa Floor Plan

Different Types of 4 BHK Triplex Villa Floor Plans

  • 4 BHK Triplex – 3850 sq. ft. Floor Plan
  • 4 BHK Triplex – 4435 sq. ft. Floor Plan

Sobha Crystal Meadows 4 BHK villa's floor plan includes a large foyer, two living areas, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a kitchen with an attached utility room, a terrace, and a balcony or deck area. These gorgeous residences are skilfully built to provide a rich lifestyle for their owners. It features a terrace, G + 3 Stories, with a parking area at the bottom. Large families with kids and senior family members would love these properties. It's luxurious and quite spacious.

  • North and East Facing Doors
  • 4 Bedroom ( 2 Master Bedroom + 2 Guest Rooms)
  • 5 Washrooms
  • 3 Balconies
  • Open terrace Area
  • Ground Floor Parking Facility
  • Modular Kitchen with attached Utility Area
  • Built Area : 3850 sq. ft. to 4435 sq. ft.

The floor plan of Sobha Crystal Meadows showcases the luxurious lifestyle in this upscale row villa development. It has been carefully designed and arranged to offer spacious living rooms, ensuring total satisfaction of the residents. It offers gorgeous residences that are ideal for your community and allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of a Villa floor plan?

A floor plan is an essential tool for building, and interior design is the floor plan. Architectural designs give a sense of how a property will seem. Each room in the house has a designated square footage, which includes the living room, dining room, master bedroom, guest bedroom, and bathrooms.

2. How many floors does the Villa in Sobha Crystal Meadows consist of?

There are G + 3 floors in each Villa of Sobha Crystal Meadows, consisting of a parking space on the Ground Floor and a residential area in 3 storied 4 BHK triplex villa.

3. What are the different types of floor plans available in Sobha Crystal Meadows?

Sobha Crystal Meadows offers exclusive floor plans for its premium residential row villas of 4 BHK with two different built areas.

4. How many types of floor plans are available in Sobha Crystal Meadows 4 BHK row villas?

Sobha Crystal Meadows Row Villas offers 2 types of elegant floor plans for 4 BHK triplex villas to provide an ultra-luxurious living environment.

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